Every-Other-Week share

Store May - October CSA Every-Other-Week share

- Receive produce on an every-other-week schedule.
- 12 boxes, during mid-May to late October
- Excellent choice for smaller households, or for people trying CSA for the first time.
- $35.50/box

 whole season
1 deliveries left
(check OR credit/debit)
$35.50 Sorry, out of stock.
  3 payments of:
1 deliveries left
paid by credit card
(credit/ debit ONLY)
$11.83 Sorry, out of stock.

DECIDE ON THIS PAGE HOW YOU WILL PAY: by check (no fee) or credit/debit card (3% fee).

PAY BY CHECK (1 or 3 installments), choose "whole season."
- To pay in 1 installment, send one check for the total amount due.
- To pay in 3 installments, send three checks, each for one third of the total (dated today, post-dated to 6/1/21, post-dated to 7/1/21).

PAY BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD, 1 installment, choose "whole season".
Adds 3% fee.

PAY BY CREDIT/DEBIT CARD, 3 installments, choose "3 payments of".
Adds 3% fee.
Your card will automatically be billed for one third of your CSA share today, one third on 6/1/21, and one third on 7/1/21.

Partner Shares applicants, please choose 'whole season,' then ?paper check' when you reach the checkout page. Submit your application to Partner Shares and follow their instructions. Do not send any payment to us.