Frequently Asked Questions

Should I get the Weekly, Every-Other-Week (EOW) or Sampler Share?

Our weekly share is designed to feed a family of four to five people.  Smaller households or those who travel frequently might prefer our EOW or Sampler Share.We suggest that you look at our sample boxes from previous years and ask yourself “Will I eat that amount of food in one week or in two weeks?” Visit our website to see week-by-week box lists from recent years.

Can more than one household split a share?

Yes! Many smaller households choose to split a CSA share with a second household. Please provide at least one email address for each household, so everyone receives my weekly reminder email.

At 24 weeks, your CSA season is much longer than other farms.  Why is that?

Our farm is located on light-textured soils that warm quickly in spring. We are in southern Wisconsin, only 15 miles from the Illinois border. These factors allow us to begin farming earlier than other locations in Wisconsin. Steve & I have farmed for many years, and have picked up many tricks about how to nurture crops into early production.

Is your produce organic?

Yes, all our produce is certified organic.  Our farm is certified by the Midwest Organic Services Association (MOSA).

What are the payment options?

- Pay by check.

- Pay by credit or debit card.  This adds a 3% online transaction fee.

- You can pay in three installments, by check or credit card.  Installments by credit card are offered during registration.  Check installments are paid with three post-dated checks; one dated for current deposit, one for June 1 2021, and one for July 1, 2021.  Each check should be for one third of the total due.   Send all three checks at registration, to Tipi Produce, 14706 W. Ahara Road, Evansville, WI 53536.  We will hold each check until its deposit date.

Assistance for low-income households

It is important to us that everyone to be able to afford our food.

- Low income households are eligible for subsidies through the Partner Shares program.  Contact the program directly for more information.

- We accept payment with food stamps or Quest or SNAP through the Partner Shares program.  Contact Partner Shares for more details.

Do I get to choose the vegetables I receive each week?

We do not offer customized CSA deliveries.  However, we promise to pack our finest produce for you each week.  We work hard to craft compatible mixtures for excellent seasonal cooking.  Our abundant and creative recipes help you use all your produce.  It's a good system, and has kept our CSA members happy and nourished for many years.

Who can attend farm events?

All CSA members are welcome, whether Weekly or Every-Other-Week or Sampler members, or families splitting a share.  Our farm events are not open to the general public.

What happens when I go on vacation?

We understand that members go on vacation during the CSA season.  You have three options:

- You can reschedule up to three boxes per season.  Please use our online rescheduling tool.  Deadline = Sunday midnight before delivery.

- You can cancel your box.  Deadline = Sunday midnight before delivery.

- You can have a friend pick up the box for you.  Please instruct him/her how to get the box and forward them a copy of the info packet for your site.

What happens if I do not pick up my CSA produce on time?

You risk losing your box anytime you do not pick it up during the designated hours for your site.  Please have a friend pick up your box if you cannot do so during those hours.  Please read the CSA Handbook for your site to learn if your site hosts offer a second chance to retrieve your box.  Remember, the produce is not refrigerated and it will be in better shape if you retrieve it promptly.